Make Money By Playing Games ( Rs 40,000 Proof )

Want to make money by playing games? If yes, you’re in the right place. In this article, I’ll tell you about a money-making app called Gamee Prizes. It’s made for people who love games and lets you earn extra cash by playing. Personally, I’ve made Rs 40,000 from this app in just 6 months.

Make money by playing games
Make money by playing games

How to Make Money with Gamee Prize App?

Gamee Prizes is the best app for earning money by playing games. The Earning Methods of Gamee Prizes are:

Weekly Lucky Draw:

In the app, there are over twenty games. Play them to earn tickets, which help you join the weekly jackpot and get on the daily leaderboard. The more tickets you have, the more cash prizes you can win. The top winner gets $750, the second gets $250, and the third to 20th places get $50 each. Even the 20th to 50th places get $1. If you collect more tickets, you have a better chance of winning. The app picks winners based on the most tickets.

Daily Leaderboard:

Another way to earn cash is through the daily leaderboard. It works like the weekly draw. Collect more tickets, and you win real cash. The app counts all your tickets in a day (24 hours) and shows the top earners on the leaderboard. The first prize is $3, the second is $2.5, the third is $2, and from the fourth to 50th, prizes range from $1.5 to $0.25.

Spin Wheel:

There’s also a Spin Wheel for a chance at real cash and more tickets. You get $1.5 for the first spin, and after that, you can spin daily for real cash.

Complete Offer:

Earn tickets through the Offerwall. You can get 1000 to 20 lakh tickets by finishing tasks. Most tasks involve gaming apps, where you have targets to complete game levels. Once you finish, you get rewarded with tickets.

Refer and Earn:

Refer and earn option also best to earn .  App offers $0.02 and 10% tickets coin per refer The “Refer and Earn” option is also a great way to make money. The app provides $0.02 and 10% in tickets or coins for each referral.Make Money By Playing Game

How to Withdraw Money from Gamee Prize App?

For withdrawing your earnings, Gamee Prize only offers PayPal, and the minimum balance for withdrawal is $10.

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